Title: 낙화 (落花)
Artist: M.I.B
Album: Illusion
Plays: 102


M.I.B - The Falling Flowers

I like this song very much but I’ve never really pay close attention to the lyric. So out of curiosity (as of why this song sounded so sad) I looked up the lyric and turns out, it is a very sad song. It’s basically a story about a guy who was ‘left’ behind by his girl. So at first I thought it was just another sad love story but then 5Zic’s rap then made it clear to me that the girl in fact didn’t left him, but rather passed away and that’s why the guy was so devastated by it. And the last line in the song just hit me that this song is actually dedicated to the three stylists who were passed away during their dorm fire incident.

Just a little note: I started to like M.I.B around last year, during their Nod Along! period, that’s why I didn’t know much about this fire incident, and the fact that this is such a big incident that even killed three people. >_<

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